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When It’s Time To Remodel

If your pool needs an upgrade, call on us for the remodel of your dreams. From basic cosmetic changes like changing your waterline tile or adding tile inserts to more advanced amenities like installing a spa or changing the depth of your swimming pool, we’ve got you covered.

Avree Custom Pools has the experts in place to handle all of your remodeling ideas to transform your pool into the look you really want.

Call us at 281-612-1425 for a free, no-obligation consultation or schedule an on-site inspection and hear all about your options for an exciting remodel project.

Change Shape or Depth

Get a completely new look by changing the shape or depth of your swimming pool. If it’s time for a makeover, our design team will deliver for you. Just tell us the new look you want, and we will be glad to advise you on how to expand your pool’s footprint, both in shape and depth.


Over time, a pool’s finish can fade or begin to wear. We can resurface it with a brilliant new material to totally transform the look and feel of your swimming pool. Not only does this technique refresh your pool’s look, but it can also provide added protection against damage, allowing you to combine beauty with functionality.

New Waterline Tile

New waterline tile is a great accent that can improve the appearance of your swimming pool. Numerous colors and shapes are available for you to choose from. Pick your pattern and change your pool with a simple yet elegant upgrade.

Tile Inserts

Choose from several colors to give your pool a touch of color and added safety: inserts placed onto steps give an element of contrast to provide additional safety when leaving or entering the pool.

Sun Shelf

Add a sun shelf for an extra surface to lounge on or keep a better eye on smaller children. Perfect for reading and sunbathing. Ask our design experts about size and configuration options.

Therapeutic Spa

Nothing is more relaxing than some blissful backyard hydrotherapy. With jets hitting aching muscles, you get to relax in the comfort of your own backyard while recovering from a hard day.

Natural Rock Waterfall

Add an element of nature to your swimming pool by folding in a natural rock waterfall. This stunning element will give a unique look to your pool, while the relaxing sounds of gentle running water will provide ambiance for your guests to enjoy in your backyard oasis.

Sculpted Rock Waterfall Grotto and Slide

Talk about big-time fun! Install a slide with a sculpted rock waterfall grotto for an out-of-this-world combination that is sure to impress your guests and be the centerpiece of your pool parties and family get-togethers.

Stacked Stone

Weave in stacked stone to your design as an accent within nearby water features or just as a visual detail strategically placed around your swimming pool area.

Sheer Descent

A continuous sheet of water flowing into your pool is a stunning look, and that is exactly what a sheer descent provides. Talk to our designers about how this beautiful amenity can be incorporated into your swimming pool design.


If you have basic lighting in your swimming pool and want to upgrade to a remote-controlled, color-changing LED light that makes for some pretty magical ambiance, you have numerous ways to light up your backyard in spectacular fashion.

Misting Systems

Cool off in a fun, visually-striking way during especially hot times with built-in misters. These misters are a neat touch for your swimming pool, while adding that little extra bit of wow factor.

Swim-up Seating

Make your pool more inviting with some built-in seats for a natural gathering place for family and friends. Swim-up seating is a natural fit for some design options, and you can pave the way for a wonderful area for people to gather in the pool and turn into a hub for a quick drink and conversation hot spot.


Pool Equipment

Dedicated Suction Line

Convenience meets cleanliness with a vacuum-style cleaner. A dedicated suction line lets the vacuum operate more efficiently, since the vacuum and skimmer will work independently from one another. With this configuration, the skimmer will remove debris from the top of the water, while the vacuum will remove dirt and debris from the pool’s bottom.

In-Floor Cleaning Systems

An automatic cleaning system is a great way for you to save time while protecting your swimming pool and spa. Powerful circulation heads sweep up dirt and debris while removal is made possible with a powered skimmer.

Our Reviews

What People Are Saying About Our Work

"I’m so thankful I went with the guys at Avree Custom Pools, from design to soaking in the spa was a great experience and I recommend them to anyone looking for a custom pool. It was like any construction at your house everything didn’t go perfect but mike & mark my project managers were on top of everything keeping quality up and kept me informed. This was a big purchase for us and we couldn’t be happier with finished product and choosing Avree. Thanks guys!!! You rock!!!"

- Sara Sawyer | Google Review

"Sam and Aaron made accommodations to meet with us as soon as we reached out. Aaron our initial project manager has been excellent with communication and making sure we have our concerns met. Mike and Mark our pool/project managers are extremely professional and make sure our project is going according to what we had planned. Charlie our outdoor kitchen project manager and his crew have been amazing. And lastly all crew members from making the initial dig, poured concrete, to cleanup all have been respectful and nice. We can’t wait to have our back yard ready to enjoy."

- Jeanette Munoz | Google Review

"We are finishing up our custom pool build with Avree Custom Pools and the pool is better than we could have imagined. The entire design process was smooth and Walker was patient with our endless questions. Mike and Mark (project managers) kept in contact with us about the build process, were available to answer questions and on our job site frequently to monitor progress. We would highly recommend Avree for your pool build!"

- Sara Konesheck | ACP Review

"First time constructing a pool. Avree Pools, super professional, on time, responsive, etc..
Extremely happy with the end results. Any problems/issues that came up, Avree was there to respond and correct. I highly recommend the Avree Custom Pools and their team!"

- Matt Fitzpatrick | ACP Review

"I worked with Aaron, Mike and Mark. All 3 were helpful and responsive throughout the entire process. They addressed all of my questions and concerns as they came up. My kids are loving the pool and were so happy to have some warm weather in December to try it out already."

- Michelle Phillips | ACP Review

"We built a new pool. It was an easy experience and Sam and his team were professional and always available to answer questions. Challenges were met with discussion and open communication. I highly recommend them."

- Cindy Rothermel | ACP Review

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